Many people keep asking, what are the key trends that would be emerging in 2016?

AAKAARAA prediction is more good hair dressing & good precision based haircuts for suitability and ease of manageability.

Indians always prefer luxurious & classic style. At the same time, the Modern Indian woman is always looking for experimenting with her hair, on the condition that they don’t lose the traditional sheen and length. Nowadays people are averse of funny & silly hairstyles.

I appreciate the fact that everybody is interested in long hair. It goes without saying, that women look amazing with length in hair. Our culture and social foundations also suggest an inclination towards long hair. Hence the large number of Indian women having long hair. I doubt that as Indians we were ever interested in cloned styles and it’s least likely that we would love it in the future.

However, there is a perceptible change that women want to look slightly different, flaunting individuality with short hair, which is incredible.

Speaking of trends, I don’t believe there is any trend in absolute terms in good hairdressing. All styles are distinct in their own ways and will co-exist. Women will continue to look pretty in their own hair styles, provided the style is maintained and carried well.