As a hairstylist I have had some really great moments and some crestfallen experiences. No matter how creative or artistically and technically advanced you are, it won’t do any good unless your customer is happy. Good hairdressing is not rocket science; it’s very much an aesthetic approach to learn the art of hairdressing and coloring hair.

A hairdresser’s responsibility is a big one. When your clients come to a salon for a haircut or style, they will expect you to make them look their best of best, and will hold you responsible for anything that goes wrong. Once the hair is cut, it will take a while to come back. Most people are very particular about their hair styles.

Accidents can happen and anyone can make mistakes on the job, but as a responsible hairdresser you can be assured that when mistake happen you need to be honest, it’s very rare that the client will walk into the salon for a redo. You have to make sure to never to repeat the same fiasco.

For a hairdresser and colorist, one of the most important steps is great consultation to achieve amazing cut & color. Sharpen your skills and aim for perfection and never settle for “good enough”. Never stop learning and never bask in your glory.
The fundamental of any business is education. Educating the stylists of the future in academies, educating clients on what style will perfectly suit them and educating hairdressers to make them understand that they are at about to be at the helm of the future of the industry.

Some people see good hairdressing as a dishonor.  Some choose for the stability. Some even choose hairdressing as a way to make a living doing rather than something that allows them to be artistic and creative due to very genuine reasons.

Hair cut looks great right after the service when client leaves the salon. It needs to be manageable, and attainable for your client to work their look at home as well.

1. When Clients come to a salon, what do they expect

Clients love to bring Celebrity pictures and love to have the same done to them, “yes those hairstyles look amazing”. What clients don’t realize is that behind that very picture, a beauty team is involved. The amount of work and time spent just to get someone a celebrity red-carpet-ready hair style is enormous. You need to educate your clients that celebrities aren’t super-humans and there is a cumbersome process behind that look.

2. When a client asks for a wash and walk style

Make sure that they’re realistic about what their hair can do. Not everyone have the hair texture that can wash and walk. Yes, few who do are lucky. From the perspective of good hairdressing you need to explain to your client about their complexion & facial features if they’re not willing to put in the effort that their style requires. On the flip side, remember that if your client asks for a wash and go style, don’t go cutting something that you know will require an hour of blow drying to look good.

3. When it comes to Good Hairdressing Products Rule

So your client says they want fabulous looking hair but don’t want to use any product? Try imagining a world without the existence of any hair product! What you need to do is make yourself and your clients abreast about the numerous options the hair product industry has at its disposal. If customers are reluctant to use many products, acquaint them with a multi-tasking and multi-purpose one. It’s also wise to educate your customers about natural hair product lines since this has already turned out to be clients’ favorite when it comes to good hairdressing

4. Change is good for good hairdressing

If you’re altering your clients’ looks, let them know about the path taken to do so; techniques that will be deployed to style it. It is quite probable that a new haircut will call for a new styling regimen. Don’t give up on your client without informing them about the tips & tricks they need to have up their sleeves to make their new haircut look fabulous.

5. Realistic Clients are Happy Clients

In the purview of good hairdressing it’s entirely the hair stylists’ onus to make sure that clients are approaching you with realistic expectations. If they walk in visualizing a style that you know won’t work on them, it’s perfectly okay to disclose it upfront! They will thank you for your professional advice and this will boost your credibility in case of future ideas and suggestions. You can very well assess whether your client hails from the low-maintenance crowd, so refrain from giving them a style that will require lengthy blow drying.

6. Keep Communication Open

Maintaining an open comment policy is always advised when it comes to constructive criticism about good hairdressing. How else would you come to know if your client liked their last haircut or not? Maybe they loved the cut but didn’t really care for the fringe. Keeping communication open with your clients will make them feel comfortable to help you to cut their hair in the best possible way. At the end of the day, you would always want to hear: “I loved it!”

So the bottom-line is that asking the right questions will give you a really appropriate idea about which style will best suit your client, and their everyday lives.