To understand the creative Process involved in haircuts, it is essential to mastering the basic elements & dimensional design.

SUITABLE FOR:  3 - 4 Years Salon Experience Hairdressers whom to wish to gain a better Understanding of basic & advanced cutting and finishing techniques.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Must have experience in cutting baselines and layering hair. Good shampooing and Blow-drying skills.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Scissors and Cutting Comb, Hairdryer, Brushes & Clips.

FORMAT: Our courses concentrated on Law of cutting, Demonstrations & practical work (Models will be provide).


  • Tricks of Rollers setting.
  • Blow-Dry.
  • Diffuser.
  • Ironing & Tong.

Mostly Hairstylists Fear & shy away from color because of the chemistry, possible problems, and mistakes that could happen for Hair coloring. The significant reason is afraid is the lack of knowledge.

Hair coloring is one of the incredibly rewarding services offered at a salon. This course is an offering of the theory and practice of hair color and chemistry and demonstrates terminology, the basic principles, and foundations of hair color.

This course will highlight basics of the coloring process, and discuss the products and techniques to help you raise your confidence level as you increase your knowledge.

Hair Color Foiling Placement technique is so predominant in today’s Salon business. Weaving and foiling techniques are an artistic and challenging job, and every colorist needs to have this skill, in the application of this procedure, require timings and more accuracy, proper training & practice makes you perfect.

FORMAT: 1  day  theory,  2  days practical.

Changing Pigment from being a colored molecule to a colorless molecule

DURATION: 2 days,

FORMAT: Theory & practical

SUITABILITY: For those hairdressers looking to improve pre-lightening and toning hair

Student’s Profile: Basic Hairdressing Knowledge.

This 20-days course suitable for those hairdressers who are fully involved in Film & television industry, which are lacks in up – gradations new trends, styles, Products usage & especially daily practice, this unique designed course will boost career to gain the skills need to work on Film and Television sets.


In this session, you will study about the career opportunities and working patterns. Within the hair and beauty, sector how to present a professional image. Including the importance in the service industry as your job practice regularly exposed to the clientele, if there is a positive and happy environment, your clients will have a good experience, and your business and professional portrait will succeed. Identify to follow and support your own work place’s code of conduct.

ProfessionalismPassionCreativityCommunication - Personal Values and Behaviors – A good practice ethic includes attitude – Time Management. – Personal Hygiene and Grooming – Warm & Open Personality – Stamina – Team playing -Willingness to learn -Problem-solving, -Co-operation -Practice and development of skills – Controlled and responsible reactions and personal ethics


Reception area plays a central role in any businesses & it is tremendous responsibility. In this three-day course, the participant will receive about the importance of an active vision in the association reception area, how to communicate salon reception duties and how to record appointments,

Complaints – Efficient – Friendly – Hospitality – Payments – Positive Image – Professional – Promoting – Promotional Offers – Reception Staff – Records – Sales – Stock – Tips – Workplace Display Policy

FORMAT: 1 day theory,  2 days practical.